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Lawn & Garden Drip Irrigation | Rain Bird 1/4-in x 50-ft Drip Irrigation Emitter Tubing DA33202
  • Easy to install in ground cover, flower boxes, pots or anywhere you want direct watering efficiency

  • Clog-resistant emitters provide reliable watering all season

  • 6 in. emitter spacing provides uniform wetting for dense planting areas

  • 50 ft. coil

  • Flow rate: 0.08 GPH

  • Use with 1/4 in. barbed fittings

  • Built-in 0.08 gallon per hour emitters

  • Unique Micro-Porous construction creates an ultra-tight connection

  • Attach to 1/2-in Drip tubing with 1/4-in barbed fittings; compatible with most 1/4-in fittings

Flexible 1/4 in. Emitter Tubing is ideal for extending drip watering to narrow planting areas and container plants. Each emitter is placed 6 in. apart and emits 1 GPH of water. Connects easily to any drip irrigation system using 1/4 in. barbed couplings.

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