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Lawn & Garden Garden Hose Repair Fittings | Yardsmith Metal Female Mender FC92696
  • 5/8-In and 3/4-In metal female hose repair

  • Comes with one worm gear clamps to ensure a secure fit

  • Constructed with leak-proof technology

  • The mender body is reusable for future hose repairs

  • Reusable clamp style body

Repairing a hose sounds daunting, but it couldn't be easier! The 5/8 In. and 3/4 In. metal female hose mender is perfect for mending any hose that have been ripped, torn, poked or sliced! Instead of throwing out a damaged hose, the metal female hose mender can effectively allow you to keep using your watering accessories. This garden hose mender can be used to replace damaged or worn out threads or fix a leaky section. Installation is simple. The female hose mender replaces the female end of any standard-sized garden hose. It comes complete with a stainless-steel tightening clamp to keep it attached. It can also be used to replace damaged or worn-out threads at the end of the hose. The garden hose will again function correctly and give you the same amount of pressure required for sprayer attachments. The Yardsmith metal female hose mender is designed with machined metal and leak-proof technology for extra strength and durability. Get yours today and be prepared the next time your hose needs a quick fix!

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