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Flooring | Greatmats Gym mats 2-in x 60-in x 120-in Black Vinyl/Plastic Sheet Multipurpose Flooring HW15800
  • Top quality cover made of 18-oz black or blue vinyl

  • Double stitched seam construction provides professional durability

  • Simple to clean and disinfect

  • Two Inch foam core provides excellent impact absorption and cushion

  • Hook and loop fastening strips included on all four sides for quick connection of multiple mats

  • Ideal gym mat for kids, martial artists, cheerleaders, gymnasts and wrestlers

  • Athletic shoe and bare Foot friendly sports training and fitness mat

  • Five Foot tall wall padding option for DIY installation

  • Each folding mat consists of five 2-ft x 5-ft panels for quick coverage

When it comes to gym mats for martial arts, wrestling or fitness training, Greatmats 5-ft x 10-ft by 2-in gym mats are the best. Made of the same quality materials and craftsmanship as professional gym panel mats, Greatmats gym floor mats are available for a fraction of the price and serve as a valuable asset for any home gym. The two inch thick cross-linked polyethylene foam core offers superior impact absorption and cushion while the 18-oz vinyl cover not only protects the foam core, but offers an easy to clean and disinfect surface for all kinds of workouts. Even martial artists with a permanent matted floor in their home dojos often choose to include these gym mats to their arsenal, especially for disciplines such as judo, Hapkido or Jujutsu when throws and falls are a big part of their arts. High school cheer leading teams often connect multiple gym floor mats such as these and lay them over hardwood gym floors or outdoor tracks for added safety when stunting or tumbling. If a home wrestling mat is on the wish list, two of these panel mats can be easily combined together side to side using the attached hook and loop connector strips to create a 10-ft x 10-ft wrestling mat. Complete any home training space with panel mat wall padding by simply taking these gym mats and securing them to the wall as well for a 5-ft tall wall pad. Comprised of five 2-ft wide panels at two inches thick, the mats offer a 10-in tall platform for plyometric drills and a training aid for cross fit style exercises such as one-leg squats. They also work well as a safety surface for handstand push ups or a comfortable are for other floor based exercises. The sky's the limit when it comes to uses for Greatmats 5-ft x 10-ft x 2-in gym mats for home.

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