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Lawn & Garden Irrigation Repair | NDS 6-in W x 8-in H Round Irrigation Valve Box UW43284
  • Protect irrigation system components from the elements, foot traffic, lawncare equipment, and potential vandalism, and keep them out of sight

  • Fits over a single valve or underground irrigation accessories; Structural reinforcing ribs provide support and strength to protect items housed inside against damage

  • Overlapping cover prevents dirt and debris from entering the box; ICV designation; one-fingerhole design; Pipe hole facilitates irrigation pipe connections without having to dig under the box

  • Build valve and connect pipe(s); dig to allow enough depth so the lid is flush with the surface; add layer of gravel for drainage before placing box and cover in place, thread irrigation pipe through the hole; backfill

  • Box and Lid made of polypropylene (PP) using a combination of virgin and recycled content treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking

  • Box top dimensions: Top inside dimension (ID) 5-5/8 in. diameter; Top outside dimension (OD) 6-3/16 in. diameter; Box bottom dimensions: Bottom ID 6-15/16 in. diameter; Bottom OD 7-5/8 in. diameter

  • Box height: 8-11/16 in.; Box pipe hole dimensions: 2-3/8 in. X 2-3/8 in

  • Lid dimensions: Top dimension is 6-1/16 in.; bottom dimension is 5-9/16 in.; rim thickness 1/8 in.; overall height 15/16 in

  • Comes with one 6 in. round valve box and cover

Protect irrigation valves from damage with a sand-colored irrigation box which is ideal for blending into desert landscapes. The durable 6 in. Round Sand Valve Box and Sand ICV Cover provide a clean and safe environment for irrigation components and room for maintenance, while keeping them out of sight. Use the valve box to cover a single valve or irrigation accessories. Both the box and lid are built for durability with structural reinforcing ribs to effectively protect components from the elements, pedestrian traffic, lawn care equipment, and potential vandalism. The round sand valve box includes a pipe hole to allow irrigation pipe into the box. The sand irrigation control valve (ICV) cover is a snap-in lid which has a finger hole to allow removal for maintenance. The box and cover are made of polypropylene (PP) using a combination of virgin and recycled material and treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking due to sun exposure. NDS is a leading manufacturer of water management solutions and the trusted brand of professional landscape contractors since 1972. Check out the NDS website or reach out to us for technical support—our friendly, experienced team is here to help make your project a success.

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