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Flooring | Norsk 6-Pack 0.25-in x 18.3-in x 18.3-in Dove Gray Flexible PVC Tile Multipurpose Flooring PE01865
  • Proprietary PVC co-polymer blend

  • Mallet and utility knife are all that is required to install

  • Patented air flow-through design helps prevent mold and mildew

  • Provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties

Flexible tiles you can park your car on! Norsk PVC multi-purpose interlocking tiles can be used in nearly any setting, including garages, workshops, and basements. Our patented mushroom tooth design enables our PVC tiles to be used in combination with any other Norsk tile products to create a unique interlocking floor to suit your personal taste. PVC floors are resistant to most chemicals and solvents and provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation - making them the perfect choice for a garage floor tile or basement tile. Proprietary formulation provides flexibility and good anti-fatigue characteristics. Norsk multi-purpose interlocking floors feature ease of installation and can be done with simple tools such as a tape measure, utility knife and rubber mallet. Each (6) pack box covers 13.95 sq. ft. and weighs around 17 lbs. per box. Only Norsk interlocking floors feature our Patented Air-Dry design. The Norsk Air-Dry design permits airflow under the tiles, allowing moisture to easily evaporate or weep away and airflow to dry it. All Norsk flooring Trim Kits include this same feature, making it the most advanced PVC flooring product on the market.

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