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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Black Rubber Roll CZ06357
  • Excellent protective flooring; save carpet from wet foot-traffic

  • Ribbed mat surface maximizes grip and safety via its 100 percent synthetic rubber

  • Rubber roll can be used in interior or exterior areas to direct traffic or improve safety

  • Very affordable and ideal as a kitchen runner, horse trailer mat, or for marine flooring

  • Corrugated rubber floor mat with wider ribs for comfort and easy cleaning

The Rubber-Cal Wide Rib corrugated rubber flooring mat is a protective flooring that is available in a thickness of 1/8-inch and is offered at widths of 3-feet. This ribbed mat offers great traction with its wider grooves and protrusions. The surface pattern of this corrugated rubber allows for more trapping of debris and liquids as a result of spills or adverse weather. The wide grooves in this rubber flooring mat are far more comfortable to walk on than other corrugated rubber floors. It can withstand heavy foot traffic while maintaining comfort and stability of the consumers. These traction mats work especially well in applications that may be temporary. They can be utilized as a kitchen runner, horse trailer mats, or used for marine flooring. The ribbed mat can be installed on wood or concrete floors well, due to its fabric-based finish that adds subsurface traction, allowing the runners to remain secure to the floor. Using a two-sided carpet tape also allows for a more permanent installation. This product also serves as a protective flooring since it is made from virgin SBR, which creates a completely watertight surface. The material offers a moderate chemical resistance and it can easily be cleaned with most common household cleaners, though highly caustic solutions such as bleach are not recommended on the rubber surface. Since the corrugated rubber on these traction mats run lengthwise, foot traffic is inherently directed while maintaining a safe pathway for consumers. Use this ribbed mat in those slick and wet areas that may cause you headaches and protect your guests or employees.

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