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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Brown Rubber Sheet QP19167
  • Ideal non-skid mats for enduring wear from heavy foot traffic and equipment

  • Durable and efficient commercial rubber mat offered in multiple colors including brown, black, and red

  • Anti slip rubber surface with added grip to ensure secure walkway in applications where weather or spills may cause wetness

  • Natural rubber mat made with materials derived from Para rubber tree for a more environmentally friendly product than its competitors

  • Top surface rubber protrusions of floor protector mats offer scraping action to keep existing floors cleaner

Rubber-Cal's "Safe-Grip" Commercial Rubber Mat is a 1/4-inch rubber mat sold at a width of 34 inches. This rubber safety mats are available in 3 lengths to match any commercial need. Offered in black, brown, or red, this product is an anti-slip rubber with extra traction, protects existing floors from heavy wear, and is made with environmentally friendly materials. The raised protrusions provide an anti-slip rubber surface for improved safety. They also give superior scraping action to remove dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes, allowing for a more secure footing and cleaner interior for incoming foot traffic. While the commercial rubber mat scrapes off the outdoors, existing floors will be protected from the damages of soil and liquids. The durable and resilient rubber material of these floor protector mats makes them ideal for industrial and commercial applications to endure the wear of heavy foot traffic and equipment. Enabling this product to provide excellent traction and protection is the natural rubber material from which it is derived. The Para rubber tree is the source of latex for this natural rubber mat, making it a more environmentally friendly elastomer than its synthetic competitors. The "Safe-Grip" are long-lasting rubber safety mats that aim to provide non-skid mats surface for improved safety. Its superior scraping action cleans incoming foot traffic while protecting existing floors from heavy wear. This natural rubber mat is an environmentally friendly product capable of withstanding dirt and moisture, creating a reliable and efficient entryway for any application.

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