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Lawn & Garden Thermometer Clocks & Gauges | AcuRite AcuRite Atlas Professional Weather Station with Direct-to-Wi-Fi HD Display with Lightning Detection and Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed/Direction, and Rainfall (01001M) UP37254
  • Get Weather Alerts Anywhere with My AcuRite®: Simplify the experience with a direct Wi-Fi signal to allow for remote monitoring – no hub needed

  • Connectivity to Weather Underground: Connects to WUnderground where data points can be shared with 250,000+ personal weather stations across the globe

  • High-Definition Display with Battery Backup: Allows for easy and clear readability from any angle, plus it saves all of your data in case of a power outage

  • Connected Weather Forecast: Provides a hyper-accurate 12-24 hour forecast for your precise location

  • Lightning Detection: Be prepared for potential thunderstorm activity with lightning strikes detected up to 25 miles away

  • Real-Time Weather Conditions: Indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, UV, light intensity, pressure trends, and rain totals

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